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The Jägerhof (Huntsman's Court) is one of the few surviving witnesses to the pre-Baroque architectural History of Dresden. It was built in 1568 on the site of the former Augustinian monastery and served the pronounced passion for hunting among the Saxon electoral princes. In the middle of the 18th century the Renaissance complex comprised three large courtyards surrounded by living accommodation, animal quarters, armouries, stables and carriage sheds. In the 17th century, for example, 350 dogs, 40 bears and 25 lynx, as well as lions, monkeys, leopards and polar bears were kept here. From 1830 to 1877 the Jägerhof served as a cavalry barracks, whereby parts of the complex were demolished. Two spiral staircases on th, e courtyard side lead to the upper floor, with its richly decorated Huntsman's Hall. A console stone in the Renaissance gable bears the Electoral Saxon coat-of-arms and the year 1617. Since 1913 the Jägerhof has been home to the Saxon Museum of Craft Arts.
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