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The citizens of Dresden and their visitors are able to take advantage of a comprehensive network of public transport services. Go on a tour of discovery through the City districts and surroundings of Dresden by bus, tram or suburban train. The Dresden cable railways and the Elbe steamers are other famous means of transport with a special flair of their own.

Bus and tram:

18 tram routes and 26 bus routes bring the people of Dresden and their visitors to practically every corner of the City, and at the same time provide connections to neighbouring communities. The dense network of routes serves almost 200 tram stops and 300 bus stops, many of which have been modernised only recently. During the rush-hour periods there are around 200 trams under way through the City. The Dresden public transport corporation carries around 140 million passengers each year. A great deal of work has gone into maintaining the network of tracks in recent years. Tracks separate from other traffic and driver-controlled switching of traffic signals will soon provide for even swifter travel.

Webpage of DVB (Dresden public transport corporation) AG

Cable railways and Elbe ferries:

Two of the very special attractions of the City are the Loschwitz cable railways. The 563-metre long Loschwitz Funicular Railway has connected Loschwitz with the Weisser Hirsch district (95 metres higher) since 1895. The cable cars between Loschwitz and Oberloschwitz have been running since 1901. Two passenger cabins are suspended on 274-metre long support rails and master the height difference of 84 metres with the aid of a cable drive. The valley stations of both railways are situated at Körnerplatz. Since Dresden possesses relatively few bridges, the Elbe ferries have an important role to play in the City's transport system. There are three passenger ferries and one car ferry.

Webpage of DVB (Dresden public transport corporation) AG

Suburban railway:

The Dresden suburban railway services connect the City with the most important communities of the Upper Elbe region:

S1 Meissen - Pirna - Schöna (Saxon Switzerland)

S2 Dresden Central Station - Klotzsche - Arnsdorf and

S3 Dresden Central Station - Freital - Tharandt.

The already important standing of the suburban railway system as a component in the public transport network is to be increased further in the coming years with the construction of new lines and the opening of new stations. Webpage of Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe

Special tourist services:

Dresden is able to offer its guests a number of traditional narrow-gauge railways in the immediate and wider surroundings. The Kirnitzsch Valley Railway between Bad Schandau and the Lichtenhain Waterfall in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, the traditional line between Radebeul and Radeberg and the Weisseritz Valley Railway between Freital and Kipsdorf. At this point we should also not forget to mention the absolute favourite with our youngest citizens and visitors, the Dresden Park Railway, which winds its way through the Grosser Garten Park over a length of 5.6 kilometres (two tram stops from the City centre to Strassburger Platz).

Elbe navigation:

A must for any visitor to Dresden is a paddle-steamer trip along the Upper Elbe Valley. The Saxon Steamship Company provides passenger services through the charming countryside between Decin in the Czech Republic and Meissen/Diesbar. With eight historical paddle steamers, the company operates the largest paddle steamer fleet in the world. Alongside these, there are also four modern motor ships. The Saxon Steamship Company carries over 600,000 passengers each year.

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