Eating Out in Dresden

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Eating out in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, promises a fine selection of solid Saxon dishes, as well as a wide variety of rare and local wines and beers. German food, the Outer Neustadt’s alternative scene provides a culinary journey that takes you around the world. The InnerNeustadt quarter’s Baroque palaces serve up the specialties of neighboring Bohemia.  

Areas of Interest for Dining

Near the historic center of the city and around Frauenkirche are many restaurants with many different styles of food. Many of these are overpriced and aimed at tourists, making the quality lower than in other places. North ofAlbertplatz in Neustadt is the best place in the city to find quality food at a reasonable price. This area on the north bank of the Elbe River also is home to most of the city’s bars, clubs and trendy pubs.  

With a wide variety of international food available throughout the city, if you like French, Italian, Greek, Thai, Indian, you will be in luck in Dresden. Since the prices range from inexpensive to high, there is something for everyone in this city to satisfy their culinary curiosity.  

There are numerous pubs and bars around town that should not be missed on a trip to Dresden. Ranging from live music spots to quiet venues to enjoy a nice local beer or glass of regional wine, there are as many options for drinking in a night out as there are for food in this eclectic city.   

Dresden Local Specialties

One item that should be tried in Dresden is the doner kebab. Though not considered particularly German, this dish has been transformed since its introduction from Istanbul in the 1970s to one that fits German tastes and is know in the area as a German dish. 

The Dresdner Stollen is a famous fruitcake make in Dresden and sold throughout the country during the Christmas season. Made of a rich yeast dough, candied fruit and almonds, the loaves are not particularly sweet on their own, but are brushed with butter, topped with powdered sugar and stored for two weeks prior to eating, giving them a rich and complex flavor. 

A visit to Pfund’s Molkerei is a great stop if you like milk, cheese and other dairy products. Voted by the Guinness World Book of Records as the most beautiful dairy store in the world, this shop opened in 1892, features its walls and ceilings filled with hand-painted porcelain tiles. Offering over 120 kinds of cheese for tasting in the second floor restaurant, this is a dairy lover’s dream.

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