Shopping in Saarbrucken

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This city is filled with all sorts of interesting options for you to do but without some Saarbruckern Shopping your visit just wouldn't be complete. Since the city attracts a large amount of ethnic groups, this creates a greater range of the types of goods that are on sale here in the shopping malls or various small shops. There are over one thousand stores and boutiques available here in Saarbrucken.

St. Johann Markt

At the heart of the city you can find the narrow streets surrounding St. Johann Marktsquare. It is the ideal place to search out if you enjoy shopping. The streets surrounding the square have all kinds of shops that will grab your attention. You could turn a corner and run into Miori GmbH, a food and drink store. Then you can checkout the well-known Thailia Buchhandlung a book store that is stocked with thousands of books. You can spend a rewarding day shopping and if you need to take a break there are plenty of cafes and bars situated between the buildings. An interesting part of this area of the city is the amount of folk who come here. In a year's time, around four million people would have passed through this market square district. Folks like you are carrying bags from every possible shop getting in on all the sales that are constantly going on here year round. One nice addition to all the shopping fun is seeing all the old style buildings that the shops are made from.

The Chinese Quarter

A section of Saarbrucken is nicknamed "The Chinese Quarter." This is mostly due to its colorful buildings and outdoor set-ups. The items that you can purchase here range from eco-friendly products to organic foods and interesting clothing styles. Second hand thrift stores are plentiful; here you can have a blast haggling over the tagged prices. All along the venues there are trendy cafes for you to take a rest or take a break from the cool air. Bakeries filled with delicacies attract those shoppers who need to grab a quick bite to eat. The Chinese Quarter has all sorts of attractive merchandise for you to sink your teeth into. 

Bahnhofsstrasse Boulevard

Running northwards from the main train station is another sector of the shopping extravaganza here in Saarbrucken. The boulevard is an incredibly wide street that has been made as a new merchant district during the early part of the year two thousand and has been updated several times since. It is fashioned just like American styled malls and filled with top-notch European brand name stores.

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