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park by the river Saar

park by the river Saar

Unique Saarbrucken Sights You Have to Check Out!

There are a lot of Saarbrucken sights that you will surely enjoy while you are visiting the capital city of the state of Saarland in Germany. What is great about Saarbrucken is that there are a lot of interesting places to see in this city considering the fact that the place has once been an important historic center in Germany. Here are some of the sites that may interest you when you visit Saarbrucken.

Ludwig’s Church

This Catholic Church stands in the center of the town of Celle and has witnessed a lot of events through the course of time. This church, with its massive built and interesting architecture, was built during 1838 and was the third Catholic parish church back then. This is a perfect place for a pilgrimage especially if you are a Catholic.

Saarbrücken Schloss (Palace)

Also called the Castle of Saarbrucken, the Saarbrucken Schloss is a baroque castle located in the middle of the city which is the district of Alt-Saarbrucken.

A lot of important people like politicians and church leaders have used the Saarbrucken Schloss as their homes. Such personalities include King Henry IV as well as Bishop Metz. What are interesting about the palace are its architecture and its huge area. There are guided tours that are also held in the castle.

Homburg Caves

A natural cave located in Homburg, this cave is considered as the largest sandstone cave in all of Europe. The cave can be reached by traveling to the outskirts of Saarbrucken. It has guided tours as well as big grounds outside the cave for people to hold their picnics if they are not marveling at the stalactites and stalagmite of the cave.

Homburg Open-Air Museum

This open air museum is built around the relics of an ancient Roman city unearthed 35 km north of the center of Saarbrucken. The museum is open-air so that people can have a glimpse of how Romans live their lives back during the earlier years. You can see relics of the ancient Roman Empire or buy souvenirs at the shop near the museum’s exit. The best place to go to this museum is during dusk or mid-afternoon.

German-French Gardens

Built southwest of St. Arnual in Saarbrucken, this particular botanical garden showcases local flowers from Germany as well as imported flowers from France. The botanical garden also has a restaurant and a picnic area where you can enjoy your sumptuous lunch while also looking at the breathtaking view of the garden.


Using this Saarbrucken Travel Guide can give you a rounded view of what this unique city in Germany is all about. A vacation here has got to be one of the most attractive that the country has to offer. This city has visitors coming from all over the world to enjoy its picturesque landscapes or to visit historical places. The city is the capital of the Saarland State which helps make it the cultural and historical center of Saarland. The location of Saarbrucken is in the southwest section of Germany right at the French border which has always invoked a bit a French interest in that area.


For those who like to travel in the cooler temperature range this is a holiday paradise for you. The hottest range of temperatures get around the mid 80’s ℉ in the months of June and July, with these months also having the most rainfall. For December and January it usually hangs around freezing temperatures or just above. This part of the year also gives the least amount of rainfall, dropping rain just a few days per month.


A special convenience of Saarbracken is that it has a diverse amount of hotels. In other words if you are on a travel budget there are places here for you. Or it may be that luxury is your style; well you will find what you need here also. Plus there are hotels that are in between for the somewhat stylish traveler who likes to save a bit of cash for more exciting things.

What to Do
There are a lot of places to go and things to see here in Saarbrucken. It truly is a visitors dream. First of all is the land around the city; it is top-notch for hikers and bikers alike. If you like art and artifacts there are museums like the St. Johann Museum that will satisfy your appetite. Saarbrucken also hosts a number of art galleries to entertain you. Plus it is easy to go into France for a peek at what is just over the border. A specialty is if you are an explorer of gardens or underground caves you will find that Saarbrucken and the surrounding lands are riddled with these beautiful vistas of nature.

Special Attractions
Saarbrucken is very proud of the way they treat tourists, and that extends to the seniors and the disabled that venture here. You can find tour guides that have assisted capabilities to make an enjoyable time here for anyone who wants to explore their city.

 Located on the river Saar, where it got its name from, Saarbrücken, the capital of the Saarland, is a lovely city with almost 200.000 inhabitants. It has a lot to offer for both tourists and businesspeople alike: the French flair, the picturesque old part of the city, an extraordinary cultural life and much more.

Its location in Europe opens up further possibilities. France is a stone's throw away, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg city only about 60 kilometers. Everything is very close and you can reach the various places without stress.

If you are interested in the history of industry, it is well-worth visiting the site of the  Völklingen old ironworks, which is a cultural heritage site. It is possible to go in nearly every part of the old factory, which also serves as an exhibition centre with different temporary exhibitions.


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