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Walking through Worms also (yet not only) means walking through a city whose history dates back into pre-Roman times, even into pre-historic times. "Borbetamgus" the Celts called a small community set where Worms is today. After the Celts, the Germanic tribe of Vangiones came to settle, and finally the Roman legions took over.

In the year 2000 is was exactly one thousand years ago that far bishop Burchard's (1000 - 1025) rule in city and diocese began. At the same time he was clergyman, Master over a diocese and a city, building master, town planner, lawyer and one of the leading politicians of his time. He put in many respects to today readable bases for the medieval Worms, focal point for a diocese and a base of royal power. The development and the attachment of the city, the establishment and legal security of religious institutions and the drawing up of a yard right for the basic wonderful bound population as well as a new building of the cathedral belong to the most important performances of this facet-rich personality. Beside the new building of the cathedral Worms owes Bishop Burchard its rich pin landscape: St. Paulus in the place of the Salierburg, St. Andreas, to the southern stadtmauer shifts and equipped with possession, St. Martin at the Ludwig workstation.

The mountain church in Hochheim (today a Wormser quarter) was established briefly after 1000, those in many places still well visible attachment of the city experienced a development, old pin the St. Cyriakus in Neuhausen with Worms was promoted wealthy. The Jewish municipality becomes briefly recognizable after Burchards death as important and efficient community. It created itself with their 1034 donated synagogue in the later Jew quarter the oldest such Sakralbau on German soil.

The city of Worms offers sightseeing tours that allow you not only to see, but to experience the silent witnesses of a colourful past. Come and see the splendid Cathedral, the churches of St. Martin's or St. Paul's. Visit the sights of the Jewish community that has been dwelling here for over a thousand years, see the rebuilt Roman-style synagogue and bath.

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