Trier Travel Guide

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Elena Ihilcik

Trier is a 2000-year-old Roman city near Luxembourg, the oldest city in Germany! It was home to six Roman emperors and has many ruins including the impressive Porta Nigra (the Black Gate), a four-story structure that was once part of the city’s walls. "Roma Secunda", the second Rome, was another name for Trier, and nowhere else in Germany are Roman times so vividly recalled as here.

The city is situated in a rather narrow valley of the river Moselle and surrounded by forests, wineyards and nice villages. Trier itself has about a 100.000 inhabitants and a strange sounding dialect. It is also the birthplace of Karl Marx and a university town with a lively nightlife and interesting Franco-German cuisine.

It’s worth more than a day trip. If time permits take a boat trip down the river towards Cochem or Bernkastel to see the scenery and the extremely beautiful view. Trier is famous for its lively way to party in the streets, especially in summertime. You should see the "Altstadtfest" when the whole city is one big party with lots of live events, local food, wine and beer.

With some more days of leisure time you should use the proximity of Trier to three neighbouring countries. It is only 30 minutes by car to the French border, not much more to Belgium, and Luxembourg is practically on the doorstep. Trier is located about 110 mi/175 km west of Frankfurt.


This Trier travel guide will give you a few valuable ideas to help you plan your holiday in this city. Trier is considered the world's “second Rome,” and is the oldest city in Germany.

Getting In and Around

Trier is accessible by air, land and sea. Depending on your budget, you can choose either one of these ways to get to Trier. The Luxemburg Airport is 50 km away from the city, and the Frankfurt International Airport is 200km away from Trier. Once you get to either of these airports, you can ride the train or the bus to reach the city.

If you happen to own or rent a car, you can simply take the European motorway E44 from Luxembourg. Trier is a one-hour drive from Kaiserslautern, and a two-hour drive from Mannheim. Trier is also connected to the Autobahn A6. If you want to have an extraordinary and luxurious trip to Trier, you can go on a cruise from Koblenz.


There are several comfortable accommodations available in the city of Trier. If you are on a budget, you can try the Youth Hostel, which offers basic sleeping necessities and comfortable rooms for only €20 per night. There are also mid-range hotels in Trier, like the Blesius Garten in Olewig Area and Casa Chiara in Porta Nigra.


Since Trier is an old city, there are lots of historical places and magnificent ruins to expwithin the city. You surely don’t want to miss visiting the marvelous attractions like the Roman amphitheater, Kaiserthermen, Geburtshaus von Karl Marx, Open-Air Museum Roscheider Hof, Liebfrauenkirche, Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Judengasse, Porta Nigra gate, and the Trier Cathedral.

Eating Out

One of the most popular cafés here is the Astarix, which is situated in the south-western part of the city, just beside the theater. This café serves authentic Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, as well as casseroles and fresh salads.  If you like fast food, you can go to McDonalds, Burger King and Subway, which are found right in the city’s market square near the main stations. You can also try New Minton's, which serves great schnitzels and fries, or Ke-Pasta for some of the greatest kebabs in Trier.

Wine Tasting

Trier is located within a wine-making region in Germany, so you might as well try and test the city’s famous “Viez.” This is a wine made of apples and served with a splash of lemon juice. You might also want to buy some to take back home.

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