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Drusus Monument

Drusus Monument


Without doubt: Mainz has an impressive past. Sometimes the Roman relics give away the fact that it has a 2 000 year heritage, sometimes the magnificent baroque buildings remind one of the times of the Electors. The best architects and the most talented sculptors created the general character of the city in the 17th century and founded unique palaces for the nobility, as well as new churches.

Already since the Roman era, the central city on the Rhine was the bishop's see. How closely church history relates cathedral - that 1 000 year-old building, which continually commands a famous view over this regional capital. Today Mainz is a magnet for countless tourists. Attentive observers notice very quickly that the city was heavily destroyed in February 1945 by air attacks. Meanwhile even the rebuilding of the destroyed city is part of history.

An extraordinary achievement by both citizens and cityplanners - Mainz found its vitality back through its architecture and daily life.

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