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Wuppertal Zoo

Wuppertal Zoo


This Wuppertal Travel Guide will help you maneuver your way to Wuppertal which is a city located in the northern region of Germany. Wuppertal is a great city for travelers since it has a lot of scenic places to see such as its public parks and gardens. This travel guide will come in handy while you are traveling to this place in Germany.


Getting in Wuppertal is very easy. It has its own international airport and a train station connected to the different countries in Europe. Getting around the city is also very easy. Visitors can try the suspended monorail system that runs 13.3 km across the city. This gives you a good view of the city especially the view of the Wupper river. Aside from the monorail system, Wuppertal also has numerous taxi cabs as well as buses for hire. The cost of transportation in Wuppertal depends on the type of transportation a tourist chooses. Riding the monorail and bus is cheaper than hiring a taxi cab. The many transportation options in the city make it a perfect place for both young and old tourists alike.


Wuppertal has a lot of bars and cafes that serve local German beers. In fact, Wuppertal brews its own exclusive beer for the consumption of the locals which is made in the Wuppertaler Brauhaus. Wuppertal never runs out of different flavored beers for both local and tourist beer drinkers. The good thing in this place is that beer is very cheap.


Wuppertal has a lot of cheap hostels that offer comfortable accommodations for budget-conscious tourists. A Jugendherberge or a youth hostel is a favorite place to stay in, for tourists who want to save money while staying in Wuppertal. However, there are also hotels that are expensive for tourists who want to be pampered while staying in the city. Most hotels and accommodations in Wuppertal are located in the heart of the city to provide tourists easy access to the city.


Shopping in Wuppertal is cheap as long as visitors hit the flea markets which are called Vohwinkeler Flohmarkt in German. Tourists can see flea markets in different places in Wuppertal and just like most flea markets, shopping for local goods is cheap as long as tourists know how to haggle with the sellers.


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