Witten Travel Guide

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The Witten travel guide contains information on various aspects of travel in Witten, including an overview on the population, transport and sites. Witten is largely populated by students as it is the location of the Witten University which is significant because this university was the first private university to be built in Germany.


The city has an interesting history and historical records can be traced back to 1214. The city was once a mining town before becoming an administrative center in 1975. It has grown from a mining town into a large city with many options of entertainment. In 1906 there was an accident that occurred with dynamite in the coal mines and many people were killed.

Surrounding Areas

Witten is located within the Ruhr valley. It is bordered by Bochum, Dortmund, Herdecke, Wetter, Sprockhoevel and Hattingen. These are other areas that can be visited using Witten as a base for day trips.

Religious Sites

The large portion of the local population is Roman Catholic, and Polish settlers in the area led to a growth of the Catholic community. This has resulted in many religious sites and churches that tourists can visit to gain more information on the growth of Catholicism in the area. Protestants also make up a significant part of the population. Part of the populations is Muslim and there are four mosques which you can visit. The presence of Jewish people in Witten was first recorded in 1815 but in 1938 the synagogue was destroyed. You can visit the site of the building which is now a Holocaust memorial site.


There is a good public transport system in Witten which is easy to negotiate. Witten is connected to the Deutsche Bahn railway system and to the Autobahn. There is an efficient bus system and tram lines run which connect to Bochum.


The Hebezeug Museum which was opened by J.D Neuhaus is a fascinating site to visit. St John's church is a significant religious site as well as being of architectural interest. The Town Hall is located at Marktplatz. St Marienkirche is worth a visit and it is located at Marienhospital. Haus Witten is an historic site located at 86 Ruhrstrasse and make sure that you visit Helen's Tower in Helenenberg. Wittener Tage fur neue Kammermusiek is a popular festival which occurs at the of April. This festival happens every year and it showcases chamber music.

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