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Well, it's not like 600,000 households live pneamrently without leccy; most of them scramble to make ends meet and the blackout lasts only a short time for those. Once I was threatened with a blackout myself the power provider sent me a letter telling me I hadn't paid and gave me an ultimatum. I phoned them and insisted that I had paid and could prove it with my bank receipts. A few days later they found the money; an operator hat entered my customer number wrongly or something in their system. They're pretty ruthless and start to threaten customers immediately.Also, some people do what we call Volksstrom (People's Power) fudging the wiring themselves to get around the meter. That's one reason power providers want to introduce smart meters. Smart meters allow them to filter usage profiles for leeches, as the meters can be queried in realtime and remotely.

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