Hamm Travel Guide

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In an old German dialect, Hamm means "corner", and it's no surprise because the quaint town is located in the northwest corner of Germany, quite close, in fact, to the Netherlands. Hamm was founded in 1226 and has a rich history displayed in some of its museums. Although World War II ravaged the town, and destroyed the majority of its buildings, the city has been rebuilt. Today, it boasts 1 of the 3 North-Rhine Westphalia State Courts of Appeal, a music school, Maximilian Park, museums, a botanic garden, and the largest elephant statue in the world.

Hamm has always been an important railway junction, having 3 train stations--the main station being one of the biggest in Germany. The town's main industry is the manufacturing of cables and wires, although several coal mines and oil mills are important income producers, as well. Hamm is small, but visitors young and old will enjoy it's unique charms. It's a great destination for families, couples, and solo travelers. Prices for food and lodging are not outrageous, nor are they extremely inexpensive. Travelers on a tight budget, need to be selective in deciding where to spend money.

Food and Drink

Germany is the fabled land of sausage and beer, and in fact, those foods are always readily available in Hamm. There seems to be an almost unlimited variety of sausages in the area's restaurants and tasting the diverse beers is a must in Hamm! The beers always have a high malt content and, usually, a high alcohol content as well! Don't miss out on some of the sumptuous wines of Germany served in Hamm. Wines are categorized into 5 types--Trockenbeerenauslese, which is very sugary and pricey; Kabimett, which is a classy, quality wine; Auslese, a dry wine; Spatlese, a  fruity and dry wine; and Beerenauslese, which is sweet. Smoked pork chops, smoked fish, stuffed cabbage leaves, chucrut, and pastries such as strudels and pies are all popular treats in Hamm.


The Old Market City Center in Hamm is a place that must be visited. It evokes the essence of old Germany and all of its charm. Stroll through the area taking pictures, stopping by cafes, purchasing some souvenirs, or just relaxing. Maximilian Park is another superb attraction. You can check out the railroad museum, see the largest elephant in the world made from glass and steel, and view the butterfly collection.

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