Senior Travel in Dusseldorf

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Dusseldorf is a wonderful travel destination for seniors, with historic castles, museums, art galleries, parks and more. Sightseeing tours are offered frequently, and are enjoyed by thousands of senior citizens every year.

The Dusseldorf Tourist Board

The Dusseldorf Tourist Board provides city tours as well as tours up the banks of the River Rhine by boat. The boat excursions are optional with the city tours.

Guided walks and bike tours around Dusseldorf, and its diverse areas, are also offered for tourists of all ages. You can take a guided walk through old town and the Rhine Tower, or Dusseldorf’s shops at the Ko.

The Stadtmuseum

Another popular outing for seniors is the Stadtmuseum. This famous, historic museum features amazing exhibits about the history, culture and art of Dusseldorf. The Stadtmuseum’s exhibits illustrate and explain the urban development and industrialization of Dusseldorf through time. The Stadtmuseum offers free shuttle service for seniors and disabled visitors, and low-priced coffee and cakes for all in the museum’s own café, Spoerl in the Ey .

Senior Discounts

Seniors can get discounted flights to Dusseldorf on most airlines, discounted rates in some of Dusseldorf’s finest hotels and discounted tours and meals throughout the city.

The Christmas Markets

Many seniors like to visit the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf between late November and late December. The markets feature more than 300 booths, attractions and beer tents. Hand-made goodies, snacks, gifts, arts and crafts are available for tens of thousands of shoppers every year. The festival includes holiday lights and Hanukah treats, as well as live Christmas entertainment. To avoid crowds, it's recommended to go to the Christmas Markets during the weekdays.

If you go to Dusseldorf for the Christmas Markets, plan for temperatures averaging in the mid-forties. While it will feel far from tropical, it is usually decent outside weather for those who are bundled up well enough to stay warm.

Plan Your Trip

If you are a senior traveling to Dusseldorf, plan your trip carefully before you go, to make sure you get to see as many of the sights as possible while you're there. From museums, castles, art museums, shops, restaurants and more, you’ll want to enjoy as much as you can.

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