Festivals in Dusseldorf

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Dusseldorf has a bit of a reputation as an industrial city with little else going on, but this is simply not true. Apart from beautiful places to visit and a friendly atmosphere, Dusseldorf boasts some of Germany's best festivals.

Carnival     November 11 (11/11 at 11:11 a.m.) to Ash Wednesday

Dusseldorf's annual Carnival is one of the highlights of the year. On November 11, Hoppeditz (the town jester) makes an appearance to scold town leaders and the revelry begins. Various acts of merrymaking occur, with the next big event being the women's raid on Town Hall on New Year's Eve and the crowning of the Carnival Prince and Princess on New Year's Day. It culminates in a 3-day fancy dress parade the week of Ash Wednesday and the burning of the effigy of Hoppeditz.

New Year     December 31 and January 1

New Year's Eve is filled with revelry, including the annual Carnival raid on Town Hall and evening parties. New Year's Day is set aside for relaxing, with the annual Dusseldorf Symphony Orchestra concert concluding the holiday.

6 Tage Oper     June every 2 years

The 6 Days of Opera are a tribute to opera and musical theater and often include very experimental pieces. The works of contemporary composers are performed throughout the festival. Single event tickets run at 15 Euros, with open tickets for the entire festival costing 50 Euros.

Grosste Kirmes am Rhein     July

The biggest festival in Dusseldorf runs for nine days in July and honors the patron saint of the city, St Apollinaris. Over four million visitors make their way into the city to enjoy the circus, fair rides, food, drink and fireworks.

Brazilian Night     August

Brazilian Night sees the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. Copacabana amidst the Samba, music, costumes and dancing all paying tribute to the Latin culture along the Rhine promenade.

Altstadt-Herbst     September

The Youth Culture Festival attracts about 100,000 tourists to see the youth of Dusseldorf perform choral and orchestral concerts, dance recitals and other events. There are approximately 80 different events throughout the course of the festival.

International Ko-Lauf     September

Dusseldorf's Annual Run is great for sports enthusiasts. The marathons include children's events, events for disabled competitors, skating events and more. The biggest attraction is the Aces Run at the end, where top athletes from all around the world compete for first place.

Weihnachtsmarkt     mid-November through Christmas

The Christmas Market is famous throughout Germany and brings in visitors by the thousands. You can wander the street stalls for decorations, gifts, carvings, blown glass and other trinkets. The Marktplatz has the most stalls, but they extend throughout the city. Food and hot wine is also sold. Entering the market is free, but you're sure to leave with pile of goodies. If you don't like crowds, try to go during the week instead of the weekend.

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