Things to do in Bonn

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There are plenty of Bonn things to do because this is a large city in Germany. This is a large administration and political center for Germany as it was once the seat of the government and the capital of West Germany. It is also important for sustainable development and environmental development as there are more than 17 different United Nations Institutes in the city. However, there is plenty for everyone and many different types of things to do.

Expressionist Paintings

The residence of a famous expressionist painter is found in Bonn at the August Macke Haus. August Macke lived in Bonne until 1911 and the residence was completely renovated in 1989. The house contains over 400 of his paintings as well as provides insight into his life. There are many contemporary documents and items that portray different stories about his time in Bonn. This is open to the public, though there is an entrance fee.

Poppelsdorfer Castle

This lovely castle was built in 1715. It took over 40 years to complete and its situation is reminiscent of Italian and French castles. The castle is perfectly situated on open land, making it one of the most eye drawing buildings in the area. It has four wings with a curved court. The castle is surrounded by beautiful and well kept botanical gardens.

Elevated Swimming

The Hardtbergbad is an open air-swimming pool found on a mountain. Besides swimming in the open on clear days, you can enjoy some beautiful views of the Cologne Cathedral. This is the only place that contains an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor swimming pool. There is a paddling pool for children as well as a water slide and splash area. You can also see world class water sporting events at the pool. So remember to bring your suit and go for a swim.

Pilgrimage Sight

The Kreuzbergkirche is found in the Poppelsdorf district and this church draws many pilgrims. Along the path up to the altar you will go up an impressive stone staircase that is lined with many period attractions. The church has been completely restored, including decorations that had been missing since the 18th century.

Visit the Market

This is a very old market place that originated from the Middle Ages. Bonn was an important trading spot during the Middle Ages and even today you can still browse the goods on sale at the many stalls. Besides stalls, there are also many festivals and events that occur during the warmer months. There are several cinemas and restaurants that line the market square.

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