Shopping in Bonn

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Bonn shopping is a great opportunity for shopaholics on the lookout for a great deal or a rare find and travelers just hoping to bring back a one-of-a-kind souvenir. The Bonn area is home to some of the best places to shop in all of Germany, including:

Marktplatz (Market Square)

No matter what kind of shopper you are, a tour through Bonn's Market Square is a must so that you can marvel at the hundreds of boutiques, cafes and restaurants at this historical location in the Old Town Center. Medieval architecture and pedestrian paths are the highlight of the experience, as is the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) at the southeastern side of the square.

Besides the local mom-and-pop boutiques, you're sure to find hundreds of open-air events and stalls rotating throughout the season offering fresh produce and seafood, antiques and local craftsmanship. While you may expect to pay more to support local businesses and artisans, you may be surprised to find that prices are fairly competitive, as Bonn is constantly trying to lower prices to outdo nearby competition in order to remain the unofficial shopping capital of Germany.

Kaiserpassage Mall

Before you wrap up your shopping in the Market Square, be sure to head to the nearby Kaiserpassage Mall, a mall that opened in 2009 in the Bad Godesberg area. Eclectic shopping at this mall is quite a contrast to the Market Square, but it does offer a bit more than the typical North American shopping mall. The mall is comprised largely of boutiques for both local and international brands alike, such as ESPIRIT and H&M.

Prices are about what you'd expect at a modern European mall, ranging from great bargains to just a little pricey. The skylights help make this mall quite inviting during the daytime, especially when the temperature is chilly outdoors. You can see the gorgeous Poppelsdorfer Castle from the mall and the Kaiser Square nearby.

Siegburg Munsterplatz (Cathedral Square)

If you prefer the traditional outdoor European market to the mall, you should definitely head to Siegburg's Cathedral Square after the Market Square, which is only about a 15-minute ride northeast from the heart of Bonn. You should take home some of the area's famous pottery, which makes a useful and unique souvenir with which to commemorate your visit.

The most important shopping event at the Cathedral Square is the annual Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market), where you'll find handcrafted Christmas and holiday decorations and freshly baked food and warm holiday Christmas drinks. Dozens of stalls, decorated with bright Christmas lights, pepper the square for weeks near the end of each year.

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