Practical Information in Bonn

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This Bonn Practical Information guide will tell you all that you need to know about this German city. Situated in the state of Westphalia and falling in the administrative region of Cologne, the city dates back to ancient Roman times. Today it's a tourist zone because of its architectural delights and rich historical background. Here are some important things to keep in mind when visiting Bonn.

Population and Language

The city of Bonn has been rated as the 19th largest city in Germany. As of 2008, the population of Bonn was around 317,950. Many students come here to continue their higher studies, and much of Bonn's population is made up of foreign students. Languages spoken in Bonn primarily include German and English.


The weather in Bonn is similar to that of the rest of Germany - weather that constantly keeps changing! However, it is best to visit Bonn during the months of May through September. During this period, the weather is very pleasant and doesn't change as often. This is the summer time, with long days and blissful sunshine. Many events take place during this time because they can be held outdoors. As mentioned, due to unpredictable weather, an unexpected shower happens quite often.

Visa Requirements

You will require a visa for staying in Bonn unless you happen to be a national of a European Union country. If you are a resident of one of the European Union countries, you will not need to get a visa for Bonn if your stay is for a maximum period of 3 months.

Currency, Electric Outlets and Time Zone

Back in 1990, Bonn used the Deutsche Mark as its main currency, but this currency was replaced by the Euro in 2002. Today the Euro is the main form of currency used in Bonn. You won't have a problem finding ATMs or money changers in Bonn.

The electric outlets are in the form of 220V 50Hz European plugs with two circular metal pins. Bonn's time zone is GMT/UCT +2, according to the Central European Daylight Saving Time.


Finding a suitable accommodation in Bonn is never a problem. This is because Bonn not only houses 4-star, 3-star and 2-star hotels, but also cheaper accommodation options in the form of bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and lodges.

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