Festivals in Bonn

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There are many exciting Bonn festivals to enjoy in this German city. The city’s history dates back to the Roman era in 11BC. The city still has monuments dating back to the Roman times. Bonn is also the birth place of Ludwig van Beethoven, the music maestro. Given its ancient history, Bonn has several attractions, like the monuments, the festivals and the museums. Given below are some of the Bonn festivals.

Beethovenfest Bonn

Every year during autumn, Bonn celebrates Beethovenfest. The history of the Beethovenfest dates back to the year 1854, when a three day celebration was organized in Bonn to mark the unveiling of the Beethoven monument at Cathedral square, to mark the 75th anniversary of the world famous composer. This is a high profile festival, with music lovers from all over the world taking part in the Bonn Beethovenfest. The Bonn Beethovenfest has some of the best orchestras, composers, talented young singers and famous soloists performing in it. The artists serenade you with their best performances. If you are planning to visit Bonn, then plan your trip so that you can be a part of this festival. It is a one of its kind music festival which should not be missed.

Bonner Sommer

The Bonner Sommer festival, known in English as the Bonn Summer festival, has been taking place in Bonn since 1971. This open air festival has been the mark of culture in Bonn. True to its slogan, “Free of charge and outdoors”, the festival is an open air festival with concerts of World music. Summer cinema and more than 100 events are offered to anyone who is a part of the festivities for free. The activities take place in the Market square and in the Arcade courtyard of the University; it mainly focuses on the “Dialogues between Cultures”. Artists from all over the world take part in the Bonner Sommer festival.

Bonner Bierborse

The Bonner Bierborse is a beer guzzling festival held from July 23rd to July 25th every year. This is also called the Bonn beer Exchange program. The festival takes place in the Rheinaue Park, and you can sample from more than 600 varieties of beer from all over the world, which is made available to everyone at Bonn during this festival. Beer guzzlers cannot afford to miss this festival. The Bonner Bierborse is not complete without good music. International music bands from all over the world tour to Bonn to perform during this festival.

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