The Castle Wilhelmstein

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Duke Wilhelm of Schaumburg-Lippe (1724-1777) who was a distinctive character in the Age of Enlightenment had this fortress built for the protection of his rather small county. It is situated on an artifical island in the Steinhuder Meer and based on piles of stones, that had to be carried there by the local fishermen in their boats. The fortress originally consisted of 16 islands that were later connected. In the fortress Wilhelm established a millitary college. Only once the Wilhelmstein proved useful when in 1787 it was besieged by the Duke of Hessen-Kassel who planned to annex Schaumburg-Lippe and did not succeed. Wilhelmstein today is a museum and a popular destination for tourists who visit the Steinhuder Meer.
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tel:+49 (0)5033 / 1436
admission:6.- DM Reduction possible
openings:April to october: daily 9 am - 6 pm

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