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Elisen str.

Elisen str.


Hannover (engl. Hanover), formerly sharing the king with the British Empire and today the City of Trade Fairs - including CeBIT, the biggest IT-Fair of all - was host to the first World Exposition that took place in Germany and the first of the new Millenium. During the time of the EXPO 2000 the capital of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) welcomed 20 million visitors from all over the world.

But apart from the EXPO, which was certainly a point of main interest, Hannover has a lot to offer to the visitor. A modern city, it's also rich in tradition, its beautiful gardens, municipal and royal parks worth visiting, and a university capital with important cultural centres, excellent shopping facilities, remarkable events of both national and international importance. The Schuetzenfest every summer rivals Munich's Oktoberfest. Since 1947 Hannover has been the city of trade fairs.

At first glance, Hannover seems easy to grasp. However, there are quite a few quarters worth a closer look, i.e. the surviving buildings from the time of the monarchy, the idyllic green areas where you can relax and enjoy nature, and the culturally diverse quarters which are delightful to explore. The nightlife of Hannover is also rich and diverse.

Travel: Langenhagen Airport, railway hub, autobahn hub.


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