Things to do in Frankfurt

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There are many Frankfurt things to do as this city is a cultural center of Germany and is a transportation hub. There are many skyscrapers and modern buildings as well as many historical buildings

See the City from the Top

One of your first stops should be the Main tower. This is the only skyscraper open to the public and you will not find views of the city as grand anywhere else. There is a platform 650 feet up where you can enjoy the view or have a snack at the restaurant at the top. The Main tower is located at Neue Mainzer Strasse.

Visiting Goethe

Goethe was born in Frankfurt and his home was completely restored after the war. This house has all of the original furniture, books and paintings. Goethe lived here until he was 18 and he wrote many works include The Sorrows of Young Werther. Right next door is the Goethe museum and an old Jewish ghetto.

Drink the Local Wine

Apple wine, or apfelwein, is the signature drink of Frankfurt. This is a type of alcoholic apple cider and is made in and around Frankfurt. Go to the south of town and walk through Sachsenhausen district to find the best apple cider taverns. Along with the apple wine you should also enjoy some of the traditional foods such as sausage, sauerkraut and potato dishes.

The Romerberg

The Romerberg was traditionally the area that held markets and fairs. Today there are still many festivals and fairs that take place in the Romerberg. The Ostzeile is on one side of the square. This is a row of traditional half timbered houses that date back to the 15ht and 16th century. Many of these houses were destroyed in the war but they have since been restored. You can view old models of the Romerberg at the Historisches Museum. This has a model of the city as it was during the Middle Ages as well as exhibits on the destruction that occurred during the war.

An Important Political Church

The most important church in the city is Paulskirche. It eventually became the headquarters for the Frankfurt parliament and played an important role in the 1848 German Revolution. It is an interestingly oval shaped building. This was the first building to be rebuilt after the war, though the interior is very different from the original. Today it is used for events and exhibits as it is no longer used as a church.

Shopping at the Zeil

If you want to do some shopping, you can go down to the Zeil. This is considered the Fifth Avenue of Germany and you can find international chains, the Zeil Galerie, boutiques and a modern shopping center.

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