Getting Around in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt's mass transit system is efficient and modern. One wouldn't expect anything less from Germany's transportation hub. Other standard options are available such as taxis and bikes.

Mass Transit

Tourists should be concerned with the U-Bahn, which is Frankfurt's downtown subway system. Stations are marked with a white capital "U" on a blue background. For those trying to reach the suburbs or the airport, one most take the S-Bahn, whose signs are a white "S" on a green background. Luckily, all metro lines come together in the Citytunnel in central Frankfurt.

Metro tickets can also be used on Frankfurt's buses and trams. There are 9 tram lines with cars arriving every 10 minutes or so. For bus schedules, consult or local maps. S-Bahn trains are not always on schedule, so make sure to plan enough time between destinations.

Riders must have a ticket, and tickets are validated immediately upon purchase. Not having a ticket can lead to a fine of 40 euros. Fares within Frankfurt can cost up to 2.20 euros, with fares to the suburbs costing up to 6.75 euros. Consider a 5.40 euro all-day adult ticket.

Other Modes of Transport

Taxis are plentiful in Frankfurt. Be on guard as in any city for special "detours" to raise the price. Don't hesitate to ask the driver to slow down if feeling uneasy. Frankfurt taxi drivers are used to ferrying around business men at fast speeds.

The most common place to rent bikes is at the Deutsche Bahn. Bikes not available in winter months. You can find them especially on street corners and they are available 24/7 and can be rented by credit card.

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The underground. There are two major lines that you will be using. One going from the Central Station north to the Berger Strasse, via Theaterplatz, Roemerberg and Konstablerwache, the other going round the center an into Sachsenhausen. You can change at Constablerwache and at Theaterplatz.

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The S Bahn takes you from the Central Station first north to the Opera, then via Fressgasse to Zeil and Konstablerwache. From there it turns south and crosses the Main and goes to the Bahnhof of Sachsenhausen.

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Frankfurt is bicycle friendly. There are many bicycle lanes and cars tend to be quite polite to bicycle riders. The best place to rent a bike is at the Central Station. Otherwise try Radschlag in the Hallgartenstrasse 56.

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