Getting There in Frankfurt

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Finding the Best Ways to Get to the Busiest City in Germany

When visiting Frankfurt, getting there can be accomplished by either plane or train. Frankfurt is one of the busiest spots in Germany, with hundred thousands of people arriving at and leaving the city every day, so public transportation is widely available.

Arriving by Plane

The Frankfurt am Main Airport is located just 12km southwest of the city. It is the busiest airport in Germany and third busiest in Europe, when it comes to passenger traffic. Although there are plans for its expansion, the airport currently operates two terminals and accepts incoming flights of more than 120 international airline companies, so you will definitely find a suitable flight to Frankfurt. The airport has an excellent infrastructure. It has several parking lots, including a cheap one located a bit further from the terminals but still close enough. There are direct bus and metro train connections, and plenty of taxis around, so you surely won’t have any problems in reaching the city fast and reliable.

Arriving by Train

Railway transport is very popular in Germany and there’s a large well-maintained network established between the major cities. Frankfurt is part of that network. The Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) is the busiest in Germany, having more than 350 000 passengers every day. It has 24 main tracks and accepts over 340 long-distance and over 290 regional trains daily. The station has established metro and tram connections to Frankfurt, so there’s nothing easier than reaching the center of the city in no time.

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