Darmstadt Travel Guide

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Darmstadt, Germany is located about 30 minutes South of Frankfurt by car. The city has no rivers, lakes or coasts of any sort, though it is proud to be the sunniest city in Hessen. In 2007, the population was 141,471. Much of Darmstadt's downtown was destroyed by the British during World War II but there are still a few areas in the town that withstood the bombings. All modern transport is available in the city though cars are still the main mode of transportation. Darmstadt is on of the top high-tech cities in Germany and is host to a renowned engineering university, Darmstadt University of Technology.

Things to Do

Though Castle Frankenstein is in poor shape, two towers and the chapel remain, as well as ruins of the rest of the castle. Frankenstein was built sometime in the early 13th century and very well could have been the premise for Mary Shelley's story, but this has not been confirmed. Waldspirale is also an amazing site to see. It was designed by Austrian Friedensreich Hundertwasser in the 1990s and is now an apartment building. There are over 1,000 windows and no two are the same, not even the handles. There are also numerous palaces worth strolling by.


There are numerous clubs and bars in Darmstadt. Natrix Darmstadt is a popular club that hosts R&B, hip-hop and soul on weekends, then everything else the rest of the week. There are 2 dance floors, a beer garden and a restaurant. K60 is a very popular bar that has both a smoking and non-smoking section (actually blocked off from one another) and a modern style built for comfort. They are well equipped with air hockey, pool and darts. Darmstadt may be a smaller city by Berlin standards, but there is nothing small about it's nightlife.

Where to Stay

For budget accommodation, try Aron Hotel where prices start at $44.20 per person per night in a 3-bed dorm room. This includes breakfast and parking. For mid-range try Contel Darmstadt. Weekend rates for a single room start at $78 per night and include breakfast. Both smoking and non-smoking rooms are available and you will have wireless internet free of charge. Since Darmstadt isn't as populous a city as Berlin or Frankfurt, even the nicest of hotels aren't very expensive. If you absolutely must get a hotel such as a spa and wellness hotel, I would suggest taking the short car ride South to Frankfurt Am Main.

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