When to Go in Hamburg

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Although a very beautiful city rich in historic, architectural and cultural delights, Hamburg has a rather wet and windy climate in general. The westerly winds which blow here come directly from the North Sea, bringing with them a great deal of moisture and rain on occasion. Some good and invaluable advice is always to carry a sweater

However do not let this put you off from visiting as there is always plenty to do and to see both indoors and out!


Spring in Hamburg is a beautiful time when the chill of the winter has dissipated and blossoms cover the trees. This time of year and also the early summer are widely considered to be the best times for a city break. The general temperature is starting to improve during the spring, and there are far fewer tourists. The average maximum temperature in May is 17 degrees C and is very comfortable for sightseeing. The driest weather in this city is to be found between February and May.

Summer Months

Peak season for travel to Hamburg is during the summer months, but bear in mind that in general the summers in Hamburg are peppered and at times deluged by the city's characteristic rain! This time of year is also warm with June, July and August being the best months, seeing a temperature of around 22 degrees C with an average rainfall of approximately 80 mm. In fact, the rainfall is at its highest in the summer months and it is this rain which, in turn, waters the many plants, grassy areas and trees that give Hamburg its tag of "green city" (it boasts 1400 parks and gardens)!


Wrap up warmly if you visit Hamburg in the winter because the winter months in Hamburg are notoriously cold, especially January during which the temperature hits around -2 degrees C. December and January are the months for both sleet and snow in the city although it is usually light in nature. However, there is magic in the air around the River Elbe and also the lakes in the center of the city as they tend to freeze over and offer a wonderful ice skating opportunities. This accompanied by the fact that Hamburg plays host to traditional Christmas markets where one can sample "Glühwein" (Mulled Wine) and Lebkuchen (ginger bread) provides numerous and tasty ways to keep warm here in spite of the winter frost!


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