Budget Travel Ideas in Hamburg

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Tourists can find a lot of Hamburg budget travel ideas in Germany’s second-largest city. Living on a shoe-string budget is not cause for worry here, since there is a wide range of inexpensive accommodation, transportation, places to eat, and things to do when in Hamburg. Let’s take a look at some budget-friendly travel ideas.

Budget Travel Methods

Visitors to this northern German city can find cheap airline tickets with low-cost airlines such as Easyjet, Germanwings, Lufthansa and Air Berlin. It may be a good idea to compare prices offered by these airlines, since there could be price reductions for some of them. Also, since Hamburg is connected to four Autobahnn motorways, and is one of the most-used railway junctions, it is convenient to drive or take a train to Hamburg from a nearby town.

Getting Around

When in Hamburg, travel by public transport such as buses or the city’s well known underground trains. Special tickets known as Hamburg Cards are available for public transportation, as is the money-saving Power Pass. It is not advisable to drive throughout the city in a car, since parking can get very expensive here.

The Sternschanze Neighborhood

Take a lazy walk down the hip and well known neighborhood of Sternschanze to get a taste of the city’s café terrace atmosphere and artistic culture. Here you’ll find streets dotted with eye-catching shops, and cheap--but delicious--local fare.

River Boat Rides

Take in the city’s landscapes with a fun boat ride that can be found along the Elbe River stretch of Elbstrasse and Altona. One boat ride, which includes stops at interesting places for eating, drinking and relaxing on sandy beaches around the river, will set you back approximately $2. This is the same price as a bus ride around town, but the river boat ride gives visitors a completely different view of the bustling city.

Local Food Sampling

Visit Daniel Wischer on Spitalerstrasse 12 for traditional Hamburg food, which mostly comprises fish. This restaurant offers take-away or sit-down service at very reasonable rates. Opposite Hamburg’s City Hall, you’ll find a small shopping arcade that has many sandwich bars and German sausage snacks available. You’ll find a lot of fish served in this harbor city, so savor it while you can! Head to Fischclub Blankenese for appealing fish dishes at equally appealing prices.

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