7 Day Itinerary in Hamburg

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Hamburg,  Germany offers plenty to do when it comes to Hamburg senior travel. including museums, boat tours and shopping. There are plenty of must do's in the city, depending on the time of year you travel.

Wasswe Light spiele
located in the center of Hamburg in Planten en Blomen Park

During the summer months there is a spectacular music light show located in Planten en Blomen Park which is in the center of Hamburg. Music is played on a fountain organ and the water is choreographed beautifully with the music and colored lights. It's a favorite of visitors of all ages but especially for Hamburg senior travel


Miniatur-Wunderland offers fun for the kid in all of us, it is the world's greatest railway. Allpw at least a half of a day to see just parts of this privatly owned display. It is a popular place and enjoyed by those of you that appreicate model railways, The trians are set up to travel through well mapped out landscapes of the world.

Grosse Bleichen and Neuer Wall Streets shopping One of the favorite Hamburg Senior Travel spots is Grosse Bleichen and Neuer Wall Streets. This area is home to some of the oldest and and most well known shops in Hamburg. Although there is a lot of shopping, the stores are not located in one area and it could be a bit of a walk from shop to shop. There are less expensive shopping areas located on Spitalstrasse and Mönckebergstrasse. Hamburg has  nine larger shopping malls but it is on Mönckebergstrasse Street that you will find the department stores. This area is filled with more traditional shopping.   Hamburg Fischmarkt
Located between Hexenberg and Grosse Elbstrasse, St. Pauli - Fischmarkt This fishmarket has been a tradition in Hamburg since 1703. It is open  on Sunday's at 7 am and 5 am in the summer months. There is a large variety of products including flowers, plants, fruit, vegtables, pets for sale and fish.  You will find taverns in close proximaty to the market.   Hamburg Harbor Located on the River Elbe The Hamburg Harbor is a great place to find Hamburg senior travel things to do. It is the fourth largest port in Europe and is the largest in Germany. It is located on the River Elbe, and here you can take a harbor cruise, a canal cruise, shop, view ships including the Cap San Diego which is also a museum, enjoy music and eat. If you do not want to pay the price of the tours, hop abord the Hadag Ferry which is public transportation and enjoy the view of the harbor. This area offers many options of fun and interesting things to do for senior travelers.  

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