Schoneberg Travel Guide

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Reichstag Parliament Building Berlin

Reichstag Parliament Building Berlin

Not only is the locals in Schöneberg enjoy carousing in the area between the U-Bahn stations Nollendorfplatz and Eisenacher Straße. Schöneberg inhabitants are known for their style, even if non-style is in, and have no trouble bridging the blatant lifestyle gap between Kreuzberg and Wilmersdorf. The whole area is full of places offering the best in modern living - or is it only trendy? Way-out shoes, exclusive antique shops, gracious interiors, elegant restaurants and erotic, innovative clothes.

One of the oldest and biggest dance temples is the Metropol at Nollendorfplatz. This includes the Loft, venue of legendary concerts, like Café Swing opposite. Genuine Schönebergers gather on Saturday mornings before 2 pm to go shopping at Winterfeldtmarkt and start the day amid the easy-going bustle wearing dark glasses after the long Friday nights. On the days when there's no market, inline skaters and various other kinds of boarders turn the flat expanse of the square into an arena. The surrounding cafés, Sidney, Berio and Belmundo invite you to a big leisurely breakfast. Habibi, one of the best falafel bars in the city, is also directly on Winterfeldtplatz. You can spend the whole day at Tim's Canadian Deli. Breakfast from 8 am, and later you can tuck into muffins, chicken wings, spare ribs, burgers and all those other tasty Canadian delicacies. But the place to get really soused is Green Door nearby. Watch out for the bouncers at the door!

Off the south side of the square, to the right in Hohenstaufenstraße is the scene pub Mutter. Further on in Goltzstraße is a whole array of pubs and cafés. After the Indian institution Rani you find the famous Café M, with Lux next door. They offer big cups of their highly popular café au lait at any time of day or night. Good cocktails are professionally mixed in Mr. Hu's Bar. And close by is Havanna with salsa, latino and hiphop on three dance floors. There's no lack of culinary delights here either: along with Indian food, there are snack bars for hot dogs, pizza, Tex-Mex and much more. It's well worth peeping into the side streets and strolling down Akazienstraße towards Hauptstraße - the network of cafés, restaurants and bars is getting more intricate all the time.

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