When to Go in Kreuzberg

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While planning your vacation to Kreuzberg when to go is very important. Prices, festivals and hotel availability vary from season to season. Kreuzberg is located in the central part of Berlin and is one of the most liberal neighborhoods in Germany. Kreuzberg has a temperate climate which makes choosing when to go reasonably easy for most tourists. The winter months of December, January and February can be chilly but with little snowfall, it is a nice break for visitors from the north. Fall and spring are mild and have little precipitation. Summer is the best time to visit due to the sunny days and warm nights, and it is a good time to see festivals and street fairs.

Summer in Kreuzberg

Traveling in the summer to Kreuzberg is the time to go in search of its legendary music scene (primarily punk rock and hip-hop) coming to life in the warm summer nights. Though there are many bars and clubs hosting bands, you will also find talented musicians performing street shows this time of year. The Love Parade, Berlin's new tradition celebrating the reunification of Germany, is in July. This techno party brings 1.5 million ravers and partiers to the streets and there is no better place to start than in one of the clubs in Kreuzberg. August marks the end of summer which the locals celebrate in style with Kreuzberg Festival Days. This 14-day, no-admission, street fair in Viktoriapark includes sporting events, cultural performances, shows and shopping.


Though not as popular as it's counterpart in Munich, Oktoberfest (starting mid-September) attracts as many as 200,000 visitors to Berlin every year. Even though it is not the main attraction for Oktoberfest in Berlin, Kreuzberg contains over 24 bars and clubs and several microbreweries. For a more relaxing Oktoberfest experience, Kreuzberg is a definitely a place to stop to try one (or a dozen) of Germany's famous beers. In Kreuzberg you'll find the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall and during fall season the painted wall is striking surrounded by changing leaves.

Winter and Spring

Winter and spring bring the least amount of tourism to Berlin, which makes it a good time for a tourist on a budget to chose when to go in search of good deals on hotels and hostels. Before traveling to Kreuzberg this time of year be sure to check for concerts and shows. Many up-and-coming bands will have 'no admission' shows in one of the many venues throughout this neighborhood. It is a good time during your spring season vacation to Kreuzberg when to go in search of parks and fountains to admire, or just walk along the Spree River and watch the world come back to life.

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