Top 5 Must Do's in Kreuzberg

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Kreuzberg is situated to the south east of Berlin's center. It is a vibrant area where cultures fuse to form a cosmopolitan city. Historically it has been a place for artists and musicians which contributes to the atmosphere of the city. The following are Kreuzberg must do's.

Kreuzberg Church

Kreuzberg has  religious significance as it is believed that the holy cross was honored here in the 15th century. The church is an example of Baroque architecture and was constructed in 1627 as per instructions by the Archbishop. Over the years, parts of the building have been destroyed and looted. In the 18th century, efforts were made to destroy the church. In the church, visitors can see a pulpit and altar made from gold plated marble. The Holy staircase was an addition to the church made in 1746. There are crosses on the steps which are believed to have parts of the Cross of Christ set in them.

Vitoria Park

Victoria Park is the perfect place to go for a picnic. This is a great family activity and it also offers a break from the rush of the city. The park has magnificent views over the city and it is here that you can see the famous iron cross.

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie marks the place where a boarder crossing was set up between an American and Russian zone. There is a replica of the checkpoint booth as well as a museum. The museum was opened in 1962 in a small apartment. The museum documents the security systems that were in place. Exhibitions include the Charta 77 typewriter, Mahatma Ghandi's diary and the Umweltblatter.


This area is a must visit for tourists. There are many restaurants in this bustling area which offer delicious traditional meals. Restaurants serving international cuisine are also available. The bars offer a place to have a refreshing drink after a day of site seeing. Oranienstrasse is popular with both locals and tourists.

Topography of Terror Museum

The Topography of Terror Museum is located in the same place of the buildings which served as the Gestapo's headquarters from 1933 to 1945. Part of the Berlin wall can be seen on site. Exhibitions have been held here since 1987. Cellars that served as prison cells have been found and excavated. The site was then turned into a memorial museum. Other sections of the museum depict details of the Nuremberg Trails.

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