Things to do in Kreuzberg

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Kreuzberg is one of the most popular areas of Berlin, and the region prospers on its diversity and customs. In Kreuzberg, things to do are abundant. This region is home to many notable places of interest and Kreuzberg is known throughout Germany as being a cultural and eclectic district. Popular things to do in Kreuzberg include:

Visit the SO36 Club

Kreuzberg is noted as the home to the Berlin punk rock scene and other alternative subcultures within Germany. The legendary and famous SO36 club is the place for visitors and locals to get connected to the Berlin music scene. This club features new artists, but stays true to its legendary punk past at the same time. In the 1970s, the SO36 was frequently visited by celebrities such as David Bowie and Iggy Pop, and the SO36 is still known as one of the best new-wave venues in the world. Guests and travelers can come to the club to enjoy good music and good company, while learning about the Berlin music background as well.

Explore the Friedrichstrasse

The Friedrichstrasse is a major shopping street in Kreuzberg and is 3 blocks east of the Wilhelmstasse, the historic center of the government quarter until 1945. It is here travelers can explore the unique infrastructure of the region and shop at the same time. East Germany's top 5-star hotel, the Grand Hotel Berlin, was built in the Friedrichstrasse in 1987, among other fascinating buildings. The Friedrichstrasse underwent a complete rebuild in 1990 and a number of well-known architects contributed to the renovation, making the street a hip and modern zone.

Wander Viktoriapark

This urban park located in Kreuzberg is situated on the northern slope of the Teltow moraine plateau and overlooks the glacial valley. Viktoriapark is a beautiful retreat where visitors can relax and enjoy the outdoors while viewing the scenery, or the park's major landmark, a cast iron monument dedicated by King Frederick William III of Prussia. During the summer an artificial waterfall arises at the foot of the monument and proceeds down the hillside. Visitors can also explore the small vineyard within the park, where local wine is created from grapevines.

Unwind at Oranienstrasse

One of the hottest spots in Kreuzberg is Oranienstrasse, a very distinct stretch of shops and cafes where tourists can dine and shop while touring some very unique sites. Here you will find various quirky businesses, such as punk-indie music clubs and bars. Also in Oranienstrasse are bookstores, music shops, coffeehouses, boutiques, and restaurants. This is definitely a lively location, especially on weekend nights.

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