Getting There in Kreuzberg

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Among the first things to figure out when planning to Kreuzberg, Getting There is at the top of the list. Given that Kreuzberg is a suburb in the German metropolis of Berlin, this is quite easy. Here are some recommendations when planning your trip to Kreuzberg.

Getting There by Plane

Berlin is served by 2 international airports: the Tegel International Airport (IATA airport code: TXL) and the Schonefeld International Airport (IATA airport code: SXF). There are several local and foreign airlines that offer direct flights to and from Berlin. If you're traveling from within Europe, it is a good idea to first check prices from Ryanair and Germanwings because these companies both offer really competitive prices. To guarantee the lowest fare possible when booking a flight through Ryanair or Germanwings, it is best to book at least a week in advance. There are some last minute deals but don't count on them.

The official name of Kreuzberg is the Friedichshain-Kreuzberg district. Kreuzberg is a borough south of the Mitte borough. From the airport, you can get to Kreuzberg by street car, underground rail, bus or taxi.

Getting There by Car

If you're planning to travel around Germany by car and you want to get to Kreuzberg, it is best that you apply for an international driver's license at your country of origin. Having an international driver's license will make the car rental experience much smoother. From northern Germany, the A10 and A11 roadways lead to Berlin, while from southern Germany the A9, A13 and A15 lead to Berlin. If you're coming from the east, you can use the A12 roadway. In Germany, pay close attention to the speed limit, specially at the roadways and small towns. Even though there are no traffic police around, the speed limit is strictly enforced through a video camera system. If you break the speed limit, you will receive in the mail a snapshot of the date and time that you broke the law, along with a fine. It does not matter even if you plan to stay a short time in Germany because the car rental agency will forward the fine to your mailing address.

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