Getting Around in Kreuzberg

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Here are some of the options for getting around the Kreuzberg area in Berlin.

Traveling by Car

Kreuzberg is a small suburb of Berlin. You can travel there from the airport and throughout Kreuzberg by car. The roads are very well developed and easy to travel on. Prices for a rental car range from $260 to $600, depending on the type of car you want to rent. There are many sites to see, and getting there by car is the most efficient way.

You can travel and see the Warschauer Bridge in Kreuzberg/Friedrichsha Cities. You can also drive into the amazing lights of the city at night. This is all available by renting a car. Don’t forget to taste the wonderful sausages that are made in Kreuzberg.

Backpacking around Kreuzberg

Germany is a great country to backpack around. You can also backpack through Kreuzberg. You just need to contact a local and they will allow you to stay at their house for a low fee. There is a $20 fee for the services of the company who will help you set up this wonderful experience. You can see the famous Berlin Wall on foot, just a small fee and it’s yours.

Traveling by Airplane

To get to Berlin you can travel by air. There are many companies to choose from at rates you can afford. Prices will also differ depending on when you decide to leave. For instance, if you are traveling from America to Berlin in January you will have to pay close to $1,500 for American Airlines. At these great prices, you will definitely want to take this trip.

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