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A Boat Ride to Lubbenau While Staying in Kreuzberg

There are many ways to enjoy Kreuzberg Day Trips in this German city. One such day trip is to the nearby town of Lubbenau. Perfect for the entire family, this tiny town is reachable by boat via the River Spree. You will also notice a lush forest cover and this is known as the famous Spree forest.

Leisure-filled Day

You can enjoy a leisurely day once you reach Lubbenau. Walking around this cobblestone-streeted town is enough to relax any tourist who is tired with the hustle and bustle of city life. One the way, you can visit St.Nicholas's Church, known for its Renaissance-period art and architecture. You next stop can be the Spreewald Museum which displays historical items, ethnic fabrics and cultural exhibits of earlier folk times. Another must-visit is the Schloss Lubbenau Palace which also houses museum exhibits.

Be One with Nature

Lubbenau is a great place to begin your exploration into the mighty Spree Forest. You have a choice to explore the forest cover by foot, on bicycle or by paddling your own boat. Yes, the magnificent Spree River runs through this lush forest. You can also visit the Spree forest village of Lehde which lies in the midst of this forest. On route, you are sure to meet a lot of other travelers. One thing is for sure- the journey into the Spree forest is very enchanting and is one trip you won't forget.


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