7 Day Itinerary in Kreuzberg

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Kreuzberg Itinerary consists of a wide spectrum of interesting spots from museums to recreational park, from Checkpoint Charlie to rock clubs. Needless to say, your trip to Kreuzberg will be an unforgettable experience for you.  

Day 1: The Jewish Museum

One of the most visited museums in Berlin is the Jewish Museum which displays enticing artifacts of the Jewish living in Germany from 1848 to 1919. Besides, there is a holocaust tower built inside the museum to commemorate the martyrs and the victims of the atrocities committed by the Nazi government in World War II.

Day 2: Unwind at Victoria Park

On your second day, you must visit the Kreuzberg Church which will quintessentially remind you of Baroque architecture. Then you must go for a picnic in Victoria Park.  The park gives great views of the 175-year-old cast iron structure called the Kreuzberg Monument to the Wars of Liberation. There is a small vineyard located inside the park where you may taste the local wines produced from grapevines.

Day 3:  Checkpoint Charlie and the Museum

The famous Checkpoint Charlie marks the crossing point between the American and Russian zones when Berlin was a divided city. Near the checkpoint is situated the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, considered to be the most popular tourist attraction in Kreuzberg. The museum, through the use of films and photographs, gives a graphic description of the history of the Berlin Wall. It also showcases the means exploited by people to escape from East to West Berlin.

Day 4:  Shopping Delight

On the fourth day, consider shopping as shopping in Kreuzberg is quite cheap. There are O 14, Colors, John Glet where you will get clothes ranging from expensive designer wear to secondhand ones. There is Belladonna, also, selling natural cosmetics and perfumes. You also must visit the Friedrichstrasse, the major shopping street in Kreuzberg.

Day 5: Oranienstasse

Oranienstrasse is a popular hub of tourists as a concentration of restaurants and clubs offering delectable traditional and occidental dishes are found here. Visit this street and area to savour the cuisines and Kreuzberg club culture.

Day 6:  Topography of Terror Museum

The Topography of Terror museum is situated in the same place which served as headquarters to 3 terrifying Nazi institutions. The Gestapo was one of them. Post World War II, all the buildings here were destroyed except the dungeons and cellars where the prisoners were brutally tortured and murdered. The museum now holds exhibition to depict the war details.

Day 7: Enjoy at SO36 Club

On the last day of your tour, you must visit the SO36 Club where you can get a glimpse of the Berlin punk rock scene. Many new artists as well as legendary punk artists perform in the club. Undoubtedly, the club will regale you with good music and the pleasant memories.



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