When to Go in Berlin Mitte

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Once two, the great city of Berlin became one again drawing tourists from all walks of life and with varying reasons for visiting. Berlin is one of those cities that can be visited any time of year. As Germany's largest city, there is a vibrant rush of life nearly 24 hours a day. However those that don't like the cold may wish to avoid the winter. Those that hate crowds may wish to avoid the summer months. In terms of travel, it is up to the individual to decide when to go to Berlin Mitte.


Outside of Knut Berin's world famous Polar Bear, Berlin really isn't a city many want to visit during the winter. The skies are grey most of the time and the temperatures plummet to below zero centigrade. The winds can feel absolutely biting making one feel the are in the arctic rather than the capital of Germany. Nighttime also comes early with the sun going down as early as 3;30pm. There is one aspect of a winter visit that is positivity breath taking. If winter is the only time you can see Berlin try going before Christmas. The city will look enchanting with all the beautiful decorations and displays. The German Christmas markets are second to none with booth after booth of handcrafts, food and their world famous gluwein stands.


Many argue that this is the best time of the year to see Berlin. The hoards of tourists haven't yet arrived and the weather is slowly starting to improve. However, being that it still isn't the height of the tourist season, hours may still be shorter at exhibits,museums and other points of interest. If traveling in the early spring or before April keep in mind that the weather can still be quite miserable.


The height of the travel season definitely brings its perks. The weather will be warm and the city will be alive with excitement. Opening hours are generally extended to accommodate the influx of people and the best entertainment options are usually during the summer months. The height of the summer season also brings its drawbacks. The temperature in Berlin can get uncomfortable with it rising over 35 centigrade or into the 90's on the Fahrenheit scale. Crowds will also be on the increase. You may find that making reservations is needed for restaurants, clubs and shows. Prices will also rise along with the temperature.


Fall can be a lovely time to see Berlin. Germany's autmns are similar to the Northern USA. They have mildly warm weather through September and often into October. Traveling after these months is taking a chance.

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