Top 5 Must Do's in Berlin Mitte

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Berlin Mitte is home to a great majority of the city's best spots. This area of the capitol city is packed with attractions and activities. It may seem overwhelming to decide what to do while you're in Berlin Mitte, but there are some attractions that stand-out among the rest.

1. The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenbrug Gate was first built to represent peace. Ironically the gate was made part of the Berlin Wall during the Communist reign in the country. Today it stands for the reunification of the two sides of Berlin. Throughout the history of the Brandenburg Gate it has not changed in architecture since its construction in 1791. The gate is one of the most recognized landmarks in the city and is used as a symbol for the capitol city. The gate marks the entry to the breathtaking row of trees which fomerly lead to the palace. The giant stature of the monument is awing, but even more amazing is the tiny details that can still be seen in the gate's large size. Photographers will love the opportunity to capture the Brandenburg Gate in a photo and visitors to the city will enjoy simply viewing the landmark. The area around the gate may be a bit crowded, but try going at night. The monument is lighted and its a simply beautiful sight.

2. Reichstag Building
The Reichstag Building is an enormous Neo-Renaissance palace located close to the Brandenbrug Gate. The building itself seemed to have gone through Berlin's hardships with the city. Several restorations and refurbishing attempts have been made to repair the building from fire and bombings. The Reichstage Building has now returned to its glory. Its strong architecture is perfectly balanced by the delicate bordered details and the glass dome atop adds a unique touch. Aside from its aesthetic beauty, the Reichstag Building is home to Germany's federal government. Talks are held in the visitor gallery when parliament is not in session and the dome is open for observation.

3. Unsicht-Bar
The Unsicht-Bar offers a dinning experience that is both exciting and different. The Berlin restaurant takes away one of our most influential senses: sight. Everyone dines in the dark. Waiters even serve dinning quests in the complete dark. All of the other senses are heightened. You smell, hear, taste, and feel things better than you could imagine. Your meal is ordered in a lighted foyer before you are taken to your seat. The room is so dark that you won't be able to see your hand in front of your face. Unsicht-Bar is open daily from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am.

4. Pergamon Museum The Pergamon Museum is located on Museum Island in Berlin Mitte. The museum is not impressive in size, but the collections inside will amaze visitors. It is most certainly one of the most unique museums in all of Europe. The Pergamon Museum is actually three museums housed in one large building. Massive pieces from ancient Roman, Greek, and Mesopotamian times are on display. Admission to the museum is $10 Euros per person and getting an audio guide is strongly advised because many of the exhibit explanations are written in German.

5. Alexanderplatz
Alexanderplatz is a large square and a must-do for any person visiting Berlin Mitte. The square has undergone many changes since the Communist rule ended. Today a nice mix of East and West can be seen. Interesting monuments, buildings, and people surround the square. You won't be able to stop your eyes from constantly moving from object to object. The World Clock monument is particularly intriguing. The square is a major transportation mecca of Berlin Mitte and because of this you can access Alexanderplatz very easily.


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