Sights in Berlin Mitte

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Berlin is a city that has something for just about everyone. Once the dividing line between east and west, this German capital has literally transformed into a thriving capital city with lots to be proud of. Visitors will be nearly overwhelmed by the many Berlin Mitte Sites there are to take in during their visit.


Museum lovers will be lost in what Berlin has to offer. Past visitors have claimed the only cities that come close to what Berlin has to offer in terms of museums are Paris and London. With over 170 museums to choose from, seeing them all would take months. The number, however, assures there is something for everyone. For lovers of art the Charlottenburg Palace, Old National Gallery and the new National Gallery are worth a look. The East Side Gallery is also interesting--featuring some stunning graffiti on the remains of the Berlin Wall. Historians will appreciate  the German History Museum, The Jewish Museum and Checkpoint Charlie and its museum. These provide some of the most comprehensive histories of Germany. The Gay Museum, Hemp Museum and Film Museum might be of interest to those who enjoy the more liberal side of Berlin.

Points of Interest

Berlin will not disappoint when it comes to special places to see. One of the most iconic symbols of the city, The Brandenburg Gate stands triumphantly over the center of town for all to see. The Berlin Zoo and Garden is home to over 1500 different species of animals including the world famous Polar Bear Knut. The remains of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie can help us today feel a slight taste of what life was like not so very long ago. Finally, the famous Berlin TV tower, providing one of the most vivid and amazing views of the city, is appealing to architects and those who love heights.

Quirky Berlin

For those who like a taste of something a little less traditional, Berlin provides interesting opportunities. For the cheapest wine tasting experience you'll ever have try the Weinerei. A single euro gets you a glass, how much you drink is up to you. Guests have been known to fall out after 20 or more samples. For cheap but exquisite food try Cosmos. This is a culinary school where students practice their talents on the public. A full meal is usually limited to about 5 items but the most expensive meal is 4 euros. Something Berliners love is ping-pong, and they love it so much that they have dedicated several all-weather tables throughout the city. Why not try your luck. Most parks have a table or 2 and in Berlin you will have no trouble finding a playing partner.

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