Senior Travel in Berlin Mitte

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Those who are in their golden years need not fear traveling to Berlin. Being the capital of Germany with a huge influx of tourists from around the world, this city has learned to make itself quite user-friendly for people of all ages. Berlin Mitte Senior travel is exciting in what it can offer and without hassle.


Berlin is a city with lots of variety and this extends in the range of accomodations that they offer. Something that seems quite popular with the senior age bracket is the range of apartments/hotels that are offered. Taking the TopDomzil Apartment/hotel as an example of what one can expect, they offer clean, comfortable affordable rooms at a reasonable prices. Most have kitchen facilities so the person or couple can have a quiet night rather than facing a crowded Berlin restaurant. TopDomzil apartment hotel is located within walking distance of the center of Berlin, placing it minutes from The Alexanderplatz, Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall remains. There are some apartment/hotels that are farther out from the center but are located near a major transport line to save walking. Prices range is from 60 to150 euros per night depending on the range of amenities included.

Public Facilities

In terms of public toilets that are available, Berlin is highly civilized. They are readily available and very clean. Several will have their own attendants inside to hand you soap and paper. There are a few that charge a small fee for use. If there is no actually fee you may notice a tiny dish with small coins. It is customary to tip the attendant but the amount does not have to be extravagant, 20 to 50 cents is more than enough. When you see the high quality and degree of cleanliness you'll think that it is money well spent.

Medical Care

Seniors can rest easy in terms of medical care in Berlin. Germany has one of the best health care systems in the world, so should a problem arise you will receive an incredibly high standard of care even if your a visitor. They do have the right to charge you being if you are not a contributor to their health care scheme. However your own insurance policy should reimburse you once you return.

Travel Discounts

Those wanting to take in all the sites and surrounds of Berlin and Germany might wish to purchase the Bahncard. The Bahncard discounts public and rail travel up to 50 percent in Germany and up to 25 percent in the other European nations. The Bahncard is available to people of all ages but for travelers over 60 the prices is reduced by half. Normal price for a Bahncard is 230 euros, making the senior Bahncard 115.

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