Getting Around in Berlin Mitte

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Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

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Easy to Get Around

Moving around the city of Berlin is quite easy due to its great transportation infrastructure that includes the S-Bahn (street rail), U-Bahn (underground rail) and the bus system. While visiting the Berlin Mitte borough, it is not necessary to rent a car. Locals prefer to use bicycles for short trips not only for their eco-friendliness but also for convenience. Berlin Mitte is very bike friendly. Also, having a bike with a basket makes grocery trips much easier and is considered by locals as part of the old customs of Berliners.

The Street Rail

The street level rail is more efficient than the underground level rail to get around Berlin Mitte because the first has more stops around the city than the later. The major rail station is the Berlin Ostbahnhof station located on the east side of the city.

Popular Landmarks

Popular landmarks used by locals for directions around the Berlin Mitte are Friedichstrasse (and its corresponding S-Bahn stop), the Tiergarten (zoo), the Brandenburger Gate, the Alexander Square, the U.S. Embassy, the Berlin Cathedral and the Führerbunker.

From Berlin Mitte to Other Boroughs

The Berlin Mitte is connected to its neighboring boroughs on the west with the Unter den Linden Boulevard and is connected to its neighboring boroughs on the east by the Karl Marx Allee.

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