Getting There in Berlin Mitte

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Berlin's Central Borough

The Berlin Mitte is the most important borough of Germany's capital because of its historic importance during the events after World War II. At the BerlinMitte, you will find the Brandenburg Tor, the Reichstag and many more important tourist sites.

Getting to Berlin by Plane

Since Berlin Mitte is located in Berlin, first you most get to Berlin. The city of Berlin is served by two main airports, the Berlin-Schoenefeld (IATA code: SXF) and the Berlin-Tegel (IATA code: TXL). Most international airline companies travel to either destination. Within Europe and Germany, it is recommended to select local German airline German Wings or Irish based airline Ryan Air for the lowest fares. For the best possible prices, make sure to book your flights at least a week in advance. When flying through Ryan Air or German Wings, you will arrive to smaller terminals but don't worry, because both companies offer complimentary shuttle services to major destinations.

Getting to the Berlin Mitte

There are many options to arrive to the Berlin Mitte borough. If you prefer to travel by bus take the bus routes number 101, 123, or 245 in direction of Rathaus-Tiergarten. If you are travelling by the underground train (U-Bahn), then make a stop at the U9 station at the U Turmstrasse. Other possible stations on the underground train are the Brandenburger Tor, Franzosicher Strasse and Friedichstrasse. If you plan to use the street train (S-Bahn) then you can stop at either the Friedichstrasse or Brandenburger Tor stations.

Doing it all by Train

If you prefer to get to the Berlin Mitte by train from anywhere in Europe, then you can use the Berlin-Branderburg rail system website at and enter "Friedichstrasse" as your destination.

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