Family Travel Ideas in Berlin Mitte

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The city of Berlin is a fascinating place to visit for travelers of all ages. For families, Berlin is ideal. The combination of discounts and activities makes Berlin Mitte family travel some of the best in the world.


The first thing a family should purchase upon arriving in Berlin is the Kleingruppenkarte. This "small group" ticket is a pass good for the U-bahn and S- bahn. It allows up to 5 family members to travel on 1 ticket for an entire day. The Kleingruppenkarte is set by zones. Zone 1 covers all of the central area and several of Berlin's major tourist attractions. Purchasing a ticket up to Zone 3 will include the entire city of Berlin, surrounds, Potsdam and airport transport. The Kliengruppenkare is available for sale at station stands.

Points of Interest

Berlin is a family-friendly city with plenty of exciting things to take young children to see. A must see for families is the Berlin Zoo. With over 1500 different species of animals, the Berlin Zoo provides a wonderful educational experience. Children will love the story of Berlin's most famous resident, Knut the polar bear. Handled and fed by the one of the zoo's keepers, Knut's story of survival caught the eyes and ears of the world.

The Radisson Hotel in Berlin also provides a site the children will love. By walking through the reception area they can quite literally take an elevator ride through the center of the world's largest aquarium. Seeing the species of fish living inside is quite a site but most remark about the team of divers that is on site to clean and maintain the tank.

Berlin Wall Bike Tour

Children today cannot understand what life was like back in former communist East Germany. A great learning activity for parents and children is to take the Berlin Wall bike tour. The tour is 4 1/2 hours long and participants will bike about a 6-mile stretch. Children will benefit from such an insightful experience learning about the history of the Berlin Wall, the Berlin Airlift and tales of espionage, escape and intrigue. Bikes are provided and time for lunch allowed, likely at a local beer haul.

Scenic Rides

If you are tired of walking an easy way to keep parent and children together is to take one of the scenic rides in Berlin. Bus 100 is one of the most well-known, taking you past Alexanderplatz, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Zoo, the Reichstag and other well-known points of interest. The buses are double decker so sitting up top will provide the best views.

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