Day Trips in Berlin Mitte

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Day Trip Intro from Berlin Mitte

Berlin is one of the most vibrant and culturally rich capital cities in the world. With its turbulent history being told in the very infrastructure, this former East German stronghold offers plenty for nearly every type of traveler. Something that makes Berlin such a popular attraction to visitors is how accessible the other major points of interest are. With the help of high speed trains and the utmost in German efficiency, several day trips of varying length are possible right from the center of Berlin.



The Historian, Architect and/or lover of antiquities will enjoy a visit out of the capital to Potsdam. Once the summer residence of the former Prussian kings, this area will fascinate and excite those wishing to walk through Germany’s past. The center of Potsdam, with its Dutch influence is certainly worth a walk through. Trains to Potsdam run every half hour from Berlin’s main train station. Reservations are not required but recommended.




Just north of Berlin there is the beautiful region of Brandenburg, lovingly named Berlin’s backdrop. There is something of interest for nearly every type of traveler in this beautiful, idyllic and scenic region. The majestic river landscapes that could tantalize the eye of any artist or nature enthusiast are one of the many draws to the area. The ancient castles that line their banks bring history buffs and cultural enthusiasts by the thousands. The Brandenburg region is easily accessible from Berlin. Its 100 km surround the city making it in easy reach by car and Berlin’s public transport system.



With the help of ICE or the German equivalent to the Bullet Train, Hamburg is an easy day trip from Berlin. The journey takes less than 90 minutes whisking you across the German landscape and seemingly lightning speed. Hamburg is a city as diverse as Berlin with its stunning architecture resting against the port. Visitors will want to visit the beautiful St. Michael’s Cathedral, one of Hamburg’s best known focal points. Music fans of all type will appreciate the rich cultural offerings that Hamburg has at its very core. From classical to rock history the exhilarating sound of Hamburg’s music community will have your feet tapping and ears opened. Trains form Berlin to Hamburg run 1 to 2 times an hour all day from Berlin’s main station. Ticket prices do vary according to time of day. Although reservations are not required they are recommended. This is a highly traveled route and those with reservations get seat priority.   

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