7 Day Itinerary in Berlin Mitte

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Berlin is easily one of the most fascinating capital cities in the world. The trials and triumphs of this city are steeped in the very air that residents and citizens breathe. Berlin is a constantly changing place with new ideas and areas being developed all the time. One could easily spend a month in such a place and not get bored. However with limited time, a 7-day Berlin Mitte Itinerary could look as follows.

Day 1-The Brandenburg Gate

Easily 1 of the most well known and iconic landmarks in existence today, this portal was once part of the gateway between East and West The Brandenburg Gate serves as a major Berlin focal point. Viewing the gate costs nothing and will give the young traveler a taste of what life was like not so very long ago.

Day 2- The Berlin Wall

A mere shadow of its former menacing presence, the Berlin wall is all but destroyed. There are, however, still pieces of it in existence left to serve as a reminder of how fear divided a city, families and friends for the better part of 30 years. Part of the wall remains form The East Side Gallery, where artists paint graffitti directly on the slabs of the wall.

Day 3- The Reichstag

This is a the historical German parliamentary building that underwent massive renovations after World War II. In the 1990s a huge glass dome was added, drawing in lovers of architecture. Travelers will want to climb to the top viewing platform where they will see a magnificent view of Berlin.

Day 4- Charlottenburg Palace
Anyone who admires European history or the Baroque period will have their senses sizzling with Charlottenburg Palace. A former Prussian royal palace and the largest palace of its kind in the world, Charlottenburg Palace features beautiful gardens packed full of historical fountains. Inside the palace is one of the grandest displays of opulence, anyone could imagine, with ornate furnishings and exquisite art.

Day 5- The Alexanderplatz

The Alexanderplatz is Berlin's most famous square. It holds a vibrant urban scene and is packed full of shops, restaurants and cafes. One can sit back and watch the city go by while relaxing. The AlexanderPlatz is also home to the famous Berlin TV tower, which is also worth a look.

Day 6-Checkpoint Charlie and Museum

Another piece of recent history that is only a mere fraction of what it once stood for is the infamous Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most feared border crossings in the world. The point is still there but completely inoperational. The museum is something everyone should see. Housed in the former bunker, the visitor will see firsthand the lengths people would go to escape life in East Berlin.

Day 7- Spreewald

For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, Spreewald is the perfect place. Visitors can take part in a variety of activities including hiking, cycling, roller blading or sitting back and enjoying the gorgeous scenery that makes up the area.


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