Getting Around in Wurzburg

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Wurzburg is a city that belongs to Bavaria, Germany, and there are many modes of Wurzburg transportation. The pride of the Wurzburg people is the wonderful building structures, with elegant architectural designs, plus the scenic view that surrounds it. Among the places that you should not miss in Wurzburg are the UNESCO Heritage Site Residence Palace, Fortress Marienberg, Alte Mainbrucke, Dom St. Killian and Marienkapelle Neumunster. The question now is, how are you going to get around the city?



In Wurzburg, there are five trams that go around the city. It costs four Euros for a day of unlimited travel in the place. Visitors can also buy weekly and monthly passes. It is much cheaper than buying a pass for just a day of unlimited travel.


There are 18 bus routes in the city. Like the trams, a day of unlimited travel costs four Euros. If you want a cheaper ride, you can buy the weekly and monthly passes.


Traveling by train is comfortable for the passenger. It is also a good choice of transportation because you can see the beautiful view as the train pass by the countryside.


Taxis are good options if you need to get around the city and its neighboring places. In Wurzburg, the taxis are waiting outside the major public areas like hotels and public transportation stations. If you are not in these areas, you need to call a taxi company to service your travel.

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