Top 5 Must Do's in Munich

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Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is located on the Isar River. Munich was founded in 1158, which was the earliest date that was found on documents from the area. The city is well know for being a cultural center, and many of the attractions are related to the arts. If you are going to visit Munich, definitely try to take part in these 5 attractions:

5. BMW Museum - This museum is great for car enthusiasts and those that marvel at German engineering. You will see both the oldest cars made by BMW and the newest, including the futuristic automobiles and motorcycles. Entrance fee is $17 or get a discounted price with the Munich CityTourCard.

4. Hofbräuhaus - This beer hall was established in 1644. There is both a restaurant and beer garden located on the premises as well as a large festival hall that seats 900. The Hofbräuhaus is rich with history, especially from the times of the Nazi party.

3. Carillon at New Town Hall - This is a Glockenspiel that is famous world wide and has existed since 1908. The tower of the town hall stretches 300 feet tall where the carillon sits about half of the way up. The architecture of the New Town Hall is titled Gothic Revival and, though it can be seen from many places in Munich, it is still used as the official town hall to this day.

2. Munich Residence - Bavarian monarchs used this as their royal palace from 1508 to 1918. The Hall of Antiquities, built in 1568-1571, is one of the largest Renissance halls in the world. You can also visit the treasury, coin collection, the theatre and the court garden. To see all of the attractions, it is $16 admission, but if you don't want to see all of them, you can pay according to what you do want to see. There is also a discount with the Munich CityTourCard.

1.Oktoberfest - It is no surprise that this is the most popular attraction of Munich. This festival usually starts 16 days before the first Sunday in October, and includes that day as well (depending on the date that the Sunday falls on during the year, it could be up to 18 days). This is a celebration of Bavarian culture and is one of the most popular festivals in the world. Cultural cuisine and alcohol are the highlight of this event.

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