Shopping in Munich

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Shopping in Munich can be an experience all on its own. Munich is home to Germany’s top three streets that act as hosts to the most exclusive and high end shops. Here you can find many exquisite commodities at expensive prices. While some of us may not be able to afford these items, it is fun to window shop. Others may be interested in the markets that have many vendors pushing their goods at marked down negotiable prices that is a good buy for anyone. There are also many department stores that offer a wide variety of goods at fair prices as a sort of middle ground between the expensive shops and flea markets.


This is a neighborhood in Munich that is filled with multicultural restaurants and shops. It’s just north of the city centers and around the English Gardens. The area is near the university center so most of the shops are hip apparel and caters to young people. Other than shopping, nightlife here is prominent. Prices here are moderate.


This is a very fashionable street that is filled with Italian inspired shops and restaurants. Call it the little Italy of Munich! Here you can find lots of shops selling designer Italian clothing, shoes and jewelry. This is a pretty busy area of Munich so if you’re going to visit here take your time and try to fit some shopping breaks at the great restaurants around here.


This is an expansive market filled with lots of vendors selling different food items. It’s always interesting to walk into a city’s open market and see the food the locals eat but also you can get some good deals on different food and related items. Sometime markets also sell homemade crafts from the locals. You can also pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables for a picnic style snack while out in the city.

Must See Shops

There are many great shops in Munich. One is Hugenduble, an expansive bookshop that is popular in the area. Italian Stock House is another. This is a discount designer apparel shop. You can save on items from Gucci, Chanel and Jean Paul Gautier to name a few. There’s also a great Prada store in Munich. They are pricey but they have some of the best handbags in the world. Kunts-Oase is another shop that is worth a look. Here they sell interesting and sometimes strange items. For example, the old street posts!

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