Festivals in Munich

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Some Munich Festivals remain so popular that they serve as the primary reason tourists visit the German city in the first place. Many of these festivals offer the opportunity to celebrate Munich’s thriving culture and rich heritage.


Oktoberfest dates back to 1810 where it served as the celebration for a royal wedding. Today, the festival features carnival rides and game booths; however, beer remains the primary cause for celebration. The festival grounds contain massive beer tents where guests can drink beer well into the evening. The festival runs for 16 days and hosts approximately 6,000,000 visitors each year.

Munich Opera Festival 

The summer based Munich Opera Festival celebrates art through the staging of various operas, concerts and ballets. One of the highlights of the Munich Opera Festival remains the “Opera for All” performances. On these evenings a live opera or an orchestral performance is transmitted to the Max-Joseph-Platz, an outdoor square positioned right outside the National Theater. Attendance remains free of charge.

Munich Film Festival 

The Munich Film Festival highlights a wide variety of motion pictures including feature films, short films, documentaries and films made for television. The festival includes both German and international films. Discussions with the cast and crew sometimes follow the screening of films. The Munich Film Festival programming also features a Festival of Film Schools which screens student made films before the public.

Munich Comic Festival 

The Munich Comic Festival highlights comic books from around the globe, including Germany. Programming includes guest speakers and performances. The festival launches during the summer and usually lasts for just 1 weekend. Festival organizers also hand out prizes to the top comic books.

Tollwood Festival 

The Tollwood Festival runs twice a year, during the summer and winter months, for 3 weeks at a time. Both festivals feature booths offering a variety of international cuisine and crafts. They also include cultural and entertainment programming, such as theatrical productions, live musical acts, opera, cabaret, and even circus performers.

Fasching Festival 

The Fashcing Festival serves as Germany’s version of Carnival or Mardi Gras. Like those celebrations, the festival takes place in the weeks leading up to Lent. During this time the people of Munich hold elaborate parties and balls. The festival culminates with a street party featuring massive crowds of people dressed in grand costumes while dancing to live DJs. Munich bars and nightclubs tend to overflow with throngs of people on that evening as well.

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