Budget Travel Ideas in Munich

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Experiencing Munich, Germany on a Budget

Munich sits in the south of Germany and is the third largest city in the country. Munich has many of the things you would ask of any large city - unique architecture, beautiful landscapes, museums, parks, and many other activities and sites. Perhaps the thing that Munich is most well-known for is the annual Oktoberfest, with up to 6 million attendees each year. Since Munich is a popular tourist destination, it is not difficult to find cheap airline tickets, cheap things to do, and cheap accommodation - the perfect place for a budget traveler!

Getting There

There are a few things you should know while looking for cheap airfare, regardless of where your destination is. First, try to avoid holiday flying. During or around holidays makes ticket prices skyrocket. Next, flying out during the week is usually much cheaper than on weekends. If possible, look for flights leaving on Tuesday-Thursday. Lastly, flying into London and finding a ticket from there to Germany via a discount Europe airfare website can be cheaper. Also, if you are ordering a one-way ticket, check the round-trip prices, as well. Rarely, but sometimes, you will find cheaper prices.

What to Do

The Munich CityTourCard is a great way to save money while touring the city. For around $14 you can get one of these cards for the inner-city that lasts for 1 day, or for $27, you can get one lasting for 3 days. There is a price increase to cover the entire area of Munich, and a price decrease for groups up to 5 people. With this card, you will get free public transportation (other than taxi) and discounts on places like the BMW Museum, Botanical Gardens, the Beer and Oktoberfest Museums, and many more restaurants, sites, and tours offered throughout the city.

Where to Stay

Hostels are generally the cheapest accommodation for the budget traveler. Wombat City Hostel is a well known and highly rated hostel. You will get a free city map, free bedsheets (yes, these usually cost to use) and free wireless internet access, just to list a few things. The most expensive time of year is during Oktoberfest with beds in dorm rooms starting at $71 per person per night.The lowest prices are during winter at around $17 per person per night. Euro Youth Hostel is also a great place to stay with beds starting at $19 per person per night. It even has a bar in the hostel! This hostel also offers a free walking tour.

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