Things to do in Munich

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Here are a few things you can consider to do in Munich.

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Munich City Marathon

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The marathon of Munich is the number 2 of Germany for best time-record (2:09:47) and the number 4 in Germany for popularity and amount of participants after Berlin, Hamburg and Köln. On the site you can see the results of the race that was run on the 15th of October 2000. The next edition is on the 14th of October 2001 and they count on 10.000 runners coming from all over the world (the 2000 edition had 6.200 runners and inline skaters coming from more then 40 countries... and it was only the first time for München).

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address:78 colchester road

The Sauna experience

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Most of the swimming pools in Munich also offer a Saunaland.

The ticket is more expensive but includes access to the pool too.

Going to the sauna might not seem very german but it's an activity they enjoy.

Beware that most of these places are Textilfrei (no fabric allowed) and it will be enforce to you if you did not realise it.

Some great pools with sauna or hammam :



Volksbad (beautiful building from the 30ies, well worth a visit)


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Muenchen StadtLauf

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This running event takes place in june or july depending on the year.

It's organised by one of the sports' chain (Sportcheck).

The race include a 10 km (family run) and an half marathon (21km). Both races are run from Marienplatz into the EnglisherGarten and back via a loop.

It's a beautiful race, well organised but slightly overcrowded. Don't expect to get a personal record on that course, it is flat but overtaking is difficult until the half of the distance.

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The Surfing spot

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Munich is not on a sea nor a lake, but there is a surfing spot !

It's located on the edge of the EnglisherGarten, just after the Haus der Kunst, on a branch of the Isaar that crosses the park.

As the spot is overlooked by a street, it's easier to find it from outside : a lot of spectators are standing on the bridge, looking at the surfers.

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